• Repair of all types of auto radiators / water, oil radiators, steam, evaporators, condensers, intercoolers, etc. /, radiators for cars, buses, agricultural machinery, cargo, stump mounting machines and others.
  • overhaul on retarders and intarders
Repair of autoradiators
Repair of autoradiators

Repair of autoradiators MESABI

Nushi 2006 LTD strives to continuouslydevelop. Weareproud to introduce a newservice to ourclients. Wecannowsupply MESABI typetubeswhicharemade of copperandcoppercoolingfins. Thehighqualitytubescanbemanufacturedbasedonthecustomersspecificrequirements. MESABI typetubescanbeusedinrepairsaswellasinthebuild of brandnewradiatorsrangingfrom:

– Watercoolers

– Hydraulic radiators

– Intercoolers

– Aftercoolers

– Oil coolers, etc.

This type of radiator tubes is primarily used in the Mining industry for heavy duty machinery such as: diggers, dump truck, bulldozer trucks, drilling machines, electricity generators, cranes, trenchers, scrapers covering the following brands:

  • SKS
  • LeTourneau

Nushi 2006 LTD has all of the equipment and highly qualified staff available to manufacture brand new radiatorheat exchanger MESABI of this type as well as the repairs.